Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Photos

As you can see I was able to download the video. I'm sorry that it's so long, I was unable to figure out how to post just a portion of the video but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Mia's Ski Adventure

A few weeks ago, we took Mia skiing for the first time. There's a ski resort in Las Vegas, yes you read right...a ski resort. It's about 45 minutes from our house. So we all packed up and went for a ride. I didn't ski because we brought Matthew with us but Dave and Mia had a ball. Dave was an awesome instructor and Mia was a good student. It only took her a couple of runs down the bunny slope before she was telling Dave to let her do it by herself. We got some great video of her skiing and if I can figure out how to download it so it will show up on the blog you'll be able to see for yourself. Way to go Mia!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

No Explanation

I bet you've all been wondering where an update has been. Pure laziness on my part, plus having a new baby (well sort of new) that doesn't like to sleep. Since my last post Dave got back from his deployment and we had a baby, our little man Matthew. He decided to grace us with his presence July 16, 2009. He was 10 days late and for those of you who've been prego in the summer in Vegas know it's no picnic. Now he's 6 months old. With the exception of not sleeping he's a very happy baby. Matthew loves his big sister Mia and jumping in his Jolly Jumper. Laughing at the things she does is his favorite past time. He sits up all by himself and is crawling which means he's getting into everything he's not supposed to, so it makes for a fun time for mom. As for big sister Mia, she's continues to make us laugh with the things she says and does. She'll always be the big sister in proper terms but Matthew is very close to passing her in size. She's 2 1/2 and still only weighs 23lbs, he's 6 months and 17lbs. I think it's because she never stops moving. She loves to read, play dress-up, ride her bike and go to the park. I love listening to and watching her little imagination go. It always amazes me how kids can play for hours with the simplest things.

As for Dave and me well, not much has changed. He's still working crazy long hours and I'm a stay at home mom to our kids. It's the greatest job in the world but also the hardest. I'm looking forward to the day that Matthew will sleep more then 2 hours in a row so I can catch up on my sleep but right now I think he thinks sleep is overrated. LOL!!

We did get some exciting news, we'll be moving to the DC area this summer. Dave will be attending school there. I'm particularly looking forward to our next assignment because it's only 2 hours from my mom and dad's. Oh how nice it will be not to have to get on an airplane to go and see them. Mia and Matthew will really enjoy being able to spend more time with their cousins.

Well, that's a quick update for now. I will be posting some updated photos soon. Bye for now. I promise it won't be very long until I post again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Been Way Too Long!!

Wow, time has really gotten away from me. I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since my last post. So sorry about that. Anyway, lots of things have happened in these past 5 months. For starters I found out in November that we're expecting another bundle of joy due July 10th. We weren't finding out the sex of the baby but the nurse accidentally told us when she was giving me the results of my amnio that I had and the result of our efforts is we're having a BOY!! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed because we wanted it to be a surprise like with Mia but part of me is liking that I know what we're having. Now I know for sure I have to get new stuff. When I told Dave what we were having he thought for sure it was a girl since the myth is that fighter pilots only have girls and my answer to that was that he must not be doing his job since it's a boy....LOL! He thought that was funny but he's way excited to have a little buddy to throw a ball and roughhouse with. So far things have been going well with my pregnancy with the exception of some morning sickness in the first trimester. Now I'm just starting to look like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we were fortunate enough to spend the holiday with Dave's side of the family in Minneapolis. What a great time we had. With me being from the east coast it was nice to be in cold weather for Thanksgiving. For some reason it just makes it feel more like the holidays. Anyway, it was great to see all of Dave's aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother. We don't get to see them very often so anytime we get the opportunity we go for it.

After Thanksgiving things were quiet for a while. Dave had a work trip up to Utah the first week of December and then the week before Christmas we went to Tahoe with his parents and brother. Our condo was in the perfect location, right across the street from the Heavenly gondola. The little village that surrounded it was amazing. Everything was lit up for Christmas and just very festive. Even though I am prego I couldn't pass up the chance to ski in Tahoe. So for one day Dave and I hit the slopes, on the bunny hills mind you. It wasn't Dave's first choice but being that I'm not an expert skier we decided to be cautious and take the easier slopes. We had a great time. After our week in Tahoe the following week was Christmas, that was spent at my parents' house in PA. My mom's side of the family was in town as well and it's always lots of fun when we're all together. December was a busy month for us but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Now things have quieted down and we're just waiting for the arrival of our little one. I hope this gives everyone a little update as to what's been going on with us. I'm really going to try and be better about keeping this blog updated. I'll post some photos soon. Until next time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

It's that time of year again. Dressing up and trick or treating. I have to admit Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays but I'm not a party pooper and will make sure Mia has fun. Getting into the Halloween spirit, we dressed Mia up in her costume and went to the Weapons School's Halloween party Friday night. I think she had a good time. She mostly ran up and down the "haunted" hallway. Saturday we got up and went to Dave's favorite restaurant, Hash House A-Go-Go, with the Thieles. If any of you come to visit, this is a place we need to take you. It's so good. Anyway, after breakfast we took a few pictures of Miss Mia with the pumpkin display there and then we decided to take Mia to the local pumpkin patch and let her pick out her own pumpkin to carve. As you will see in the pictures, she had a lot of fun trying to find the perfect pumpkin. Saturday night, our eating buddies, the Thieles invited us for dinner and pumpkin carving. The pumpkins turned out great. The daddies did most of the work while the girls just sat back and supervised. Once pumpkin carving was over it was tubby time for Mia and Kaia. We hope you all enjoy the photos and I will be doing my best to update our blog as often as I can.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Phillies!!!

It's time to cheer on our Phillies. Getting into the Phillies spirit was easy for Miss Mia thanks to her Uncle Mike and Aunt Gina. They sent her this adorable dress and she loves wearing it and watching the game. We even do a "Let's go Phillies!!" chant. Too cute.